Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Thank You Guys!!

No, I am not going anywhere :-), so don't confuse this with a Goodbye message. You will be bombarded with many more posts, trust me. But I just wanted to say Thank You to all you guys and gals out there, who have been commenting on my blog. You have been the cutest of friends in this world (or should I say, around this world).

And here's also an Apology (noticed the Capital A?), because I have not been replying to your comments, though, I plan to do so in the future. You see, my problem is, God forgot to put that part in my brain which helps to handle praise (umm and criticism?). I am quite at loss of words when someone praises me. And you guys have been so kind to leave all those wonderful messages, that I am blushing all the way

Having said that, there is a lot more to do; lot more to improve. I am aware of it, but your presence and support encourages me. So keep being this sweet always and my friends forever :-)

Love n Hugs


  1. space share, through blogs or otherwise is a privilege people accord each other..thoughts/word shares often ring a bell within for some of us, sometimes....spontaneous appreciation is a natural outcome...if u chose to keep sharing, better start getting accustomed to it...the bouquets and the brickbats...lovely integral post...

  2. so u don't want the praise and criticism... alrite... not a problem at all, we shall try not to praise or criticize... ;-)... just kidding...