Monday, September 14, 2015


My eyes, now and then, turn towards the door
Hoping you will be standing there
My head knows you wont be
And my heart wishes otherwise

And what are we really?
Not lovers,  no we can't be!
Not friends, for time for friendship is past
Not of relation of the blood, for that never was

This unexplained bond of the souls
So much at ease when with each other
Seemingly indifferent when farther apart
Yet, invariably, bound across distances and time

One day, at a lark, I tugged at that thread
And you took time but pulled from the other end
Our eyes met, our souls connected
And a glimmer of joy lit up life's humdrum

Somewhere we knew it won't last
The cocoon of our lives was too hard to break
And we hung against different trees
Waiting for our respective liberation

Yet there is a modicum of regret
The end came too soon, abruptly and sharp
Perhaps we could've lingered just a little longer
Perhaps we could've peeked into that box

But may be its better that we did not
Some of life's gifts are best left unopened
Perhaps you were scared, just as I was
That we'll be forced to name the unnamed bond

Friday, September 11, 2015


Seized by the dream
I reached out
And you took my hand
With hesitant fingers

Our eyes met briefly
And I admit
There was a sparkle
In the way I smiled

You smiled too
But with dignity
Still bewildered
Struggling to resist

But I bit my lip
And wound my hair
Around my finger
Just the way you liked

Then you melted
And burst into flames
Smothered for so long
In the depths of time

I snapped back
As the heat burned me
Took a sharp breath
And turned away

You were left behind
Yet again
Picking the pieces
Of what you couldn't have

I am just so, so sorry....