Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I have known what its like

I have known what its like to fall in the abyss of pain - to wallow, to cry, to entreat, beseech; to fall flat on the face and roll in the excrement of self pity and regrets.

I have known what its like to be angry - to breathe fire and smolder the vestiges of tenderness; to nip the bud of faith in the womb; to utter searing, scathing words and revel in the sharpness of my bloody nails, sinking slowly in the flesh.

I have known what its like to be bitter and unfair - to fall to lowest of the lows, just to raise myself to the dizzy, faulty heights.

But then, I have also known what it is like to smile and caress, kiss and embrace, care and dream, sing and sleep.

Isn't this life worth living?


  1. sure it is..guess the highs become more valuable to taste when we have also hit the lows...until we scale the non-dualistic high, i guess....for me , everything, without exception, is sacred...the qualifications or judgements are is one continuous flow..every moment, real and sacred....nothing out of place...critical links in the process of our explores, conscious and unconscious...

  2. We endure all because we know we are worth more than succumbing. Unknown to us, our ability to love, “smile and caress, kiss and embrace, care and dream, sing and sleep” keeps us going. Life is worth living irrespective of anything that happened, happens, or will happen. :)

  3. Nice post..felt the under current in it..
    take care,Arundhati..

  4. Indeed, what is life without passion :)

    Glad to know I'm not alone in thinking this :)


  5. amen! and so we are alive and here today.

  6. forbidden fruits are the sweetest.. success is best known by a loser. I guess, the value of one phenomenon s simply amplified by the occurrance of the contrarry... a real good piece here.. good job.. like your way of writing.. keep it coming

  7. Life is definitely worth living!!! and would definitely feel so depending on how we take and how we see it... there are no success or failures... its all created by us :-)... a success for you is a failure for another...

    if u have time read this