Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Be quiet. Just be and listen awhile. Can you hear the silent murmur that goes on as a backdrop of your mind?

No? Listen, some more. Shhh, don't even let the sound of your breath come in the way.

Yes, I see that you are hearing it now. The smile on your face tells me that you are now tuned in to the music of the little brook that flows quietly, incessantly, boisterously at the core of your being, regardless of whether at the moment you are happy or sad, angry or satisfied, lonely or in midst of a crowd.

Have you ever wondered why, sometimes, you feel happy for no reason? Why a glint of a smile cracks through the darkness that surrounds you like a shroud? Why, you continue to do what you do, in spite of all the adversities that press you from all sides? Why, sometimes, after an episode of heart wrenching agony, when the possibility of being happy, ever, seems impossible, suddenly, inexplicably, a cool, tender peace sets in?

It is this sparkling flow within you that guides you to the light, when no light is possible. It the one that takes you to the heights when no flight is possible. It is what makes the emerald of an oasis possible in the midst of the desert. It is what keeps the will to live, alive in the little seed trapped in the smoldering belly of parched earth, so that, one day, it can burst to life when the Monsoons arrive. It is what keeps the miracle of life throbbing in the deepest of the seas and the harshest of the lands. It is what makes the mystery of creation possible, beyond all the theories of uncertainties and chance. It is what loves you, in spite of yourself.

Is it possible for you, just once in a while, to shed all these pretensions, remove all the masks that you wear and just be, open, unadulterated, non-critical, and listen to what the spring has to say? Maybe, it has many stories to tell you - stories of faith, purity, beauty and serenity.

Do you see where I am taking you?


  1. I *think* I heard something. But it my have just been my pc...

  2. beautiful express...the witness throbs with life...if we can only hear...

  3. Thank you!


  4. nice post.. :)

    I hear that sound way too often.. Constantly.. Good n bad.. sometimes its hard to get rid of it..you wont to let go n not get strangled by it.

    And then again.. i hear this pleasant one.. full of life n joy and i humm.. i sing n i blush :)

  5. very well expressed,Arundhati...
    liked the post...

  6. first time here... that was an awesome post... very well expressed...

  7. very nice. replied to ur comments - on my blog - as u guys said :)

  8. shshhhh...koi hai. I can hear that even when there is chaos in outside world. Nice post.