Thursday, October 27, 2005

Saga of Sacrifice

You asked me to sacrifice
The dearest thing of all
To prove my love

I sacrificed
My love

Now, why does your face
Contort in anguish?


  1. man as a rule is always a fool,
    when it is hot, he wants it cool,
    when it is cool,
    he wants it hot...
    always wanting what is not...

    just a perspective on the human dilemna...discontent is fundamental, not dependent on presence or absence of events as we feel it is...the discontent flows through events as an underlying presence...if we are seeking change, we are barking up the wrong tree by changing events...

  2. 'Love le liye sala kuch bhi karega.....' that's why?

  3. because, as soon as u get the term logic into love, love fails!!

  4. P: Its a four letter word indeed, but sacrifice is longer, and ego is smaller, take your pick!

    Atul: It ain't, but you never realize it until its too late.

    Sundar: This is not about discontent, this is about disillusionment..

    Tarun: Kuch bhe karega, par yeh bhi?

    Naikutti: Yeah they never go together, but do we learn to merge them?

    Prerona: Really? first attempt at commenting the comments....