Sunday, July 1, 2007


I leap through days and months
Years and events
Putting a distance between you and me
At every milestone I leave behind
A little of your innocence, your passion
Your beauty, your dreams
And, thankfully
Your silliness, your impulses
Your mistakes, your blind turns

Am I glad that I live as you die?
I don't know if I am
For once in a while
I do see you in the mirror
Frozen in time
Distances between you and me
Merge and shatter then
And in that moment
I am you again, all over

I am glad yet I squirm
For I don't want to be you anymore
This mad journey has been
Just to make it so
Yet in this fervent persuit of truth
I have forgotten somehow
If its I who is the mask
Or it was you who had lent the covers