Thursday, July 23, 2015


Wandering through the hallways
Wandering through the roads
Knowing, not knowing
The purpose and the end

Unable to stay unhinged
Unable to be weighed down
Flotsam,  jetsam
Wandering in the sea

Trying to construct
A life, a facade
Complete with dreams
Desires and heartbreaks

Yet feeling emptier
With each passing day
Jagged edges, frayed corners
Joys and sorrows, all pointless

So when the time comes
And the curtains are drawn
The wanderer will still wonder
What was this all about

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Again, unbidden, your scent appears
And the facade crumbles
And scatters on the sidewalk

As I stare at you in bewilderment
You appear in all your finery
Beautiful, naked, vulnerable and stupid

Waif-like you stand tangible, intangible
And stare at me with the same twinkle
That I tried so hard to wipe from my eyes

This cannot be. What do I do with you?
You, my distant past,
You, my bittersweet memory

Don't you see I cannot,anymore
Embark with you
On that mad excursion?

My wings now clipped, my fins neatly folded
All hint of madness
Erased from my eyes

I shoo you away
And you turn back, wounded
A strange resolve building in your eyes

You wont leave it, will you?
Not until your debt is paid
Well you have to wait, and show up again