Saturday, November 20, 2004

The Paradox

I am to seek you yet to spurn you

To love you yet despise you

To long for that tender touch

Yet cringe away from life

What a fate, oh what a fate

For I dare not plant a dream

In the desolate land I tread

I fear it will live and flourish

And beckon me to the shade

The right to which I have never had

It will then turn into a shadow

And melt in the heat's ardor

Leaving me pining forever

Full of a parched remorse

I look at the mirror and see

All that you cherished so much

Wither away with the wind

Replaced by a vacant longing

To which there was no beginning

And there never will be an end

My lips are closed and empty

For the song of the rapture has left them

My eyes don't moisten anymore

Since your dreams have abandoned them

That sweet anticipation of your touch

That would make my bosom swell

Now hides in the mire of questions

Littered along the way

What can I say my love

How can I apologize

I am such a pauper

For even the words of regret

Are lost from my heart forever

I am but a slave now

A mere playmate I am

Locked in a steely embrace

Of fate which has won the chase

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  1. I dont know you. I was just browsing. Curious. do you want people to read this? Is it something to knwo that someone has read your thoughts? I have my own.

    That was beautiful. Tell me, did you mean for the atmosphere surrounding my computer screen to change from rose aroma to grip striken, then to metal [steely grasp] as I read your poem? A reply is