Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Oh I am feeling so stupid!!!

The color on my cheeks just faded

My eyes moisten a little

I look away to hide my face

Blurt out inanities and hope

What I just said will be washed away

And buried deep into time

I hope the earth opens

Or the sky falls to hide me now

No time is left for analysis

Or to mint a memory to share

A little of my honor I seek to redeem

A bit of that ego I want to sustain

I try to retain that fragile respect

And run for cover from a snicker or sneer

I search into the eyes of those

Who were witnesses of this jest

For any signs of impounding mirth

Or of derision delayed

I want to shake them and scrub them clean

I want to rewind them to that moment in time

When I still posessed my shining honor

And the stupidity wasn't possible

But alas, the arrow has left

And has struck its blighted target

And I am left with smarting cheeks

And an ashen face of the dumb

Ah! thats okay, no hard feelings

For even the worst is forgotten

Some day I will look back and smile

And love this girl foresaken

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