Tuesday, January 24, 2006


I slowly wipe away your footprints
From the empty board of my life
Hope they don’t run deep
For I have no remedy for the scars
These wounds may leave behind

How can I erase all that?
I ask myself again and again
Those kisses, those smiles
Those words of love and hope
Those moments of bliss
When we lay in each other’s arms
And lived for a moment at least
As one body and soul

Can I request you something
In the name of the moments we lived?
Could you not forget all that please
When you finally redeem your honor?
Could you not beat my lover with guilt
And insult my love for him?

Those moments we shared were beautiful
As true as truth can be
Could you not tarnish those memories
With weaknesses of this world?

At some point of time in the future
When you are alone and lost
Could you be brave and face them
And live them again without fear?

And while you decide to give in
And bind yourselves to the shackles
Could you reserve a corner in your life
And let my moments be free?

This is for her, now that she is finally dead!

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