Monday, November 7, 2005


A little girl died yesterday. Here I am standing besides her corpse, stoic, composed, adult and knowing.

Good thing that she died; had to die anyway. She had lived a little too long in this world of adults. Fatuous, caring, dreaming, positive, she had looked at this world with wide trusting eyes, full of wonder. Those eyes had to be closed, as soon as possible, else they would have reflected the truth of this world and the truth, no one likes.

She was stupid for she had believed that the world belongs to the God and good begets good. She had actually believed that brothers are brothers and friends are friends, and that someone you have helped does not hurt you.

She had never calculated; had never weighed the good and the evil, the God and Devil on different scales, in different circumstances, according to what is convenient at the time. Funny, she used to think that doing things for a good of many was an advantage, far beyond her own. How inane! How selfish she had been!

Anyway, good riddance. We don't want this pollution amongst us anyway! Right? Ours is a world where we calculate and trade, fear and suspect, use and forget.

Ours is a world we bury such girls, alive, if possible, as deep as possible, so that even their trace does not tarnish our lives and so that, no one like them ever gets born again.

Join me in raising the funeral toast, in the honor of the world of adults!

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