Friday, February 25, 2005


Wonder what hurts more
An empty dream or an empty life
What is more of a lie?
You with me or you without me?

I would like to believe my love
That I meant nothing to you
I would like to go with the feeling
That you were not hurt and lost
But still somewhere I hope
That my footprints reside on your shore
And the memories are not washed away
Like the ephemeral moments of our love

Our love was a lie maybe
But was so much more beautiful
Than this dark and empty truth I live
The truth of the life without you

Does it matter my dear
Who drew the axe first?
Who killed that little plant?
And who had sowed the seed?

I never knew when it was that my life
Got intertwined with that of the seedling
And now while I pull it out of my heart
I know this death is my own

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