Friday, February 25, 2005

How far could I run….

How far could I run my love?
How much could I hide?
At last you had to catch up
And strike your mighty blow
And claim everything I had
Which was yours anyway
You had to squeeze my being
Until I was one with you
After losing myself forever

I fought so much to live my love
I cried, I despaired, I tried, and I ran
Until there was not single breath left
In this tiny being of mine

Now I stand here wounded and defeated
My sunshine darkened by tears
The starlets of hope are lost forever
And so is that tender innocence

I tried to hide from you my love
From that powerful haunting gaze
I cowered down to save myself from
That scathing love of yours

Is this how I was to meet you
Was I to walk through the fire to seek you?

Today as I stand here - numb and cruel
And gaze at you with empty heart
Was this to be your reward -
The result of the mindless persecution?
The infinite heartbreaks and dreams lost
Only to create this empty husk

I come to you but I am empty
I have nothing left to lay at your feet
Our love that was to be so pure
The meeting that was of beings divine
Is smeared with blood from my eyes
And questions unanswered
Litter like corpses on the way

Take what you can soon
For even this husk will wither away
And then you will be left alone
Powerful but lonely Divine

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