Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Again, unbidden, your scent appears
And the facade crumbles
And scatters on the sidewalk

As I stare at you in bewilderment
You appear in all your finery
Beautiful, naked, vulnerable and stupid

Waif-like you stand tangible, intangible
And stare at me with the same twinkle
That I tried so hard to wipe from my eyes

This cannot be. What do I do with you?
You, my distant past,
You, my bittersweet memory

Don't you see I cannot,anymore
Embark with you
On that mad excursion?

My wings now clipped, my fins neatly folded
All hint of madness
Erased from my eyes

I shoo you away
And you turn back, wounded
A strange resolve building in your eyes

You wont leave it, will you?
Not until your debt is paid
Well you have to wait, and show up again


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