Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Dream Away

You step into the garden with hesitant feet. Your eyes blink in the bright light. You have spent your life in darkness for so long that you are a stranger to it's luminosity. On your face is a joyous incredulity. "Is this happening to me?" you wonder again and again as you take his hand and walk a few more steps on the soft green grass. The fragrance of spring assaults your senses and you breathe in the sunshine warmth.

He smiles at you and you smile back. He caresses your soft hair and you put your head on his shoulder. The warmth around you engulfs you both into the realms of many possibilities.

Your heart is beating fast with anticipation. "Is this for real?" You wonder. "Why does he like me?"

"Why didn't this happen to me before? Why did I not walk these shores in an age that I should have? Did these rainbows have to appear so late?" Many questions pulse in your mind with every beat of your heart.

My dear, who knows when one would get a certain joy in life? Who are we to decide what is the appropriate time? Just as when we go through suffering we should not ask Why me? Why now?, while accepting the joys, we should be reverent and humble. Some of us get something early in life, the rest of us have to wait for it. The joy we were seeking was always precious, but when you get it after a long wait, it becomes priceless!

Life is a dynamic flow, it makes us sink and rise, gush towards joy and fall into the abyss of sorrow. The only way to live it is to embrace whatever comes your way with open arms and make the most of it.

There is not much I can say to you now. I see your joy and I feel happy. I just want to tell you, dream away dear friend, get drunk on this joy! Let the cadence of this happiness take you both to the heights of rapture you have never seen before.

Then looking at you, some of us would realize, life is not as unfair as it seems, after all. Yeah, it is worth the wait!

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