Tuesday, July 11, 2006

For P

Each day I raise my hand
To knock on your door
Then I take it back
And turn around, alone

Beyond the door you live
Perhaps sad, perhaps happy
A burden of many questions
Chafes at your shoulders

I want to touch that burden
I want to release that pain
I want to be free of them
I want to set you free

What more do I want ?
I don't know and never have
Your anger perhaps I want
Then your sorrow, some more

Fragile something we hold
A golden crown of thorns
It could prick or it could sparkle
But we cannot take it off

I said I'd go away
But could I really leave?
You said you'd stay away
But can you really be?

With you so far beyond
My sorrow is not complete
With me away from you
Can your joy be free?

Tell me what to do
So I can come near
To look you in the eyes
To tell you I am here

To see you soar with joy
To hold you in your pain
To show you all my dreams
To see yours sustain

Don't crush this precious bond
Don't feed it to your fears
Life is long and dark
Full of lonely years

I say I am a sinner
Worthy of your disdain
Punish me thus my dear
Give me all your pain

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