Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A Silly Post

A silly dream of silly wings and silly flights in the sky
A silly pair with a silly laughter and silly lives awry

That's you and I - free, unabridged, together. A few moments that our eyes met, a sudden rush of joy filled my being. I was still me and the pain was still there but, I could laugh, boy, I could laugh in spite of it!

Your life, so much different than mine. Your horizons, so much different too. What connects us? We would never know.

As life meanders through unknown turns, as hopes sink and rise, as horizons appear and fade away, I wonder if you'd still be there, somewhere, laughing at my befuddlement and then plunging headlong in your own conundrum of joys and sufferings. A few moments of sunshine I basked in, will that be enough to sustain a life?

Now, that was a silly post!! What have you done to me?

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