Wednesday, September 14, 2005

How easy it is for you
Making rules and killing the soul
You see Reality in lustrous clarity
And can turn your heart into stone at will
To do what needs to be done

Why is it not so for me?
Why am I tender and hurting
Beneath all these covers
That I am required to hide under
To protect what is raw and pure
In the abyss of my soul ?

Why do your rules leave me drained?
Why do they ask the last of me?
This helpless yearning of the heart
Why does it have to be just my burden?

What is it that I seek from you?
Which void are you there to fill?
Just when is it that our paths crossed
When we gave each other the gift
Of restless longing - eternal?


  1. Who is asking you to stick to it.
    Leave it and Move on....

  2. what if pain for u has become a necessity and ur love is only a trivial homage,soon to be disregarded,at the feet of the one who doesnt care.But still after all the pains and tribulations...the mind with a uncontrollable yearning...and the purity in the abyss of the mind,cannot remain protected or unadulterated...let go...Purity is an ostentatious,Itching and uncomfortable jewel in today's world.

  3. so many questions and so few answers ... does any one have them ... do they exist ... can we make them, fashion them ... at will

  4. wonder if pain is a bridge to be transcended or a peg to park oneself on? lovely express though...