Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Secondhand Journey

You set sail to go to the land beyond

And I stand here on the shore

Watching your brave little ship

Struggle to anchor in the wind

Your young mind is full of vigor

And the treacherous dreams of the far far lands

Have entranced your mind

With promises of treasure – limitless

I don’t have the heart to break yours

So I stand here, stoic and composed

Waiting for you to begin your journey

To whatever you think is out there in the sea

The tears are all spent now and appeals to stay are almost over

The reasoning, the analysis, the scoffing, the mocking

Those desperate words to hold your hands

Are wafting in the wind like your thoughts about me

You look beyond the horizon and see a dream

And all I see is the emptiness

That you would be left with

Once your blind journey has come to its end

I am not against adventure, I have never been

Yes you should set sail and seek what is beyond

But the dreams of those lands must be your own

The cravings of the heart must be yours

The discovery, the adventure, the promise, the dream

Must origin from the root of your soul

Only then this quest that you have

Can lead you to what you seek – the bounty, limitless

You have to go through the tumult my dear

You have to go through the pangs

Before the truth dawns in lustrous clarity

And holds before you the promise of dawn

I am afraid as I stand here and wonder

What is the fate you will face

Once the trance goes away

And the storm takes you over

Will your little ship hold?

Or will it capsize in the sea?

Without you ever knowing the secret

Without ever giving you a chance

But despite my wish for you to stay

And think again before you leave forever

I still hope my dear that you find what you are looking for

In this secondhand journey of yours

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