Friday, October 22, 2004

Its one of those days when I speak of love

It is one of those rare, precious days when you feel you are loved by everything around you and you are in love with everything in sight. The rains have just subsided and the sun has blessed the world around me with a fresh, crisp warmth. The leaves that have fallen off with the rains are now in tango with the winds. They are free now, free to waft away or park themselves in a warm cozy nook. They are not worried about wasting away in an aimless journey, for they whisper a promise of life.

As I look at the hills and breathe in the warmth, I feel beautiful. My skin seems to shimmer and my body is a beautiful symphony. This is when I want you to touch me - when I am feeling so beautiful. And this is when I miss you the most. I am jealous of those leaves just as I am jealous of anything that is free - anything that could fly to you at will and play with your hair.

I spread my arms to embrace the warmth and a miracle happens. I open my eyes to see I am in your arms. Your face is close to mine as you whisper messages of love, only to be heard by me. I even twitch a little, as your stubble pricks my ear, and complain half heartedly at the sweet pain of your bite on my now beautiful neck. You have held your hand over my eyes, to protect me from the sun and kiss my lips in full, savoring the taste. You touch me like you own me, like I am yours and yours only, and like the world doesn't matter anymore, for we are where we should be.

As your love seeps into my being, these barriers don't seem barriers anymore. The distance between us disappears as does the burden of life. The sun has the power to melt them all: the thoughts, the duties, the obligation, the pain - all that conspires keeps us apart.

Do you feel this too my dear when you look out in the sun? I hope one of these rays that just made me shine, lighted your face with the same love as mine.

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